Technologies for Remote Working in 2021 and Beyond

Discover the best technologies and infrastructure for remote workers

Unleash the potential of a hybrid workforce

As an urgent response to pandemic conditions, many companies implemented remote work and have been surprised by its success thus far. However, many still question how to accelerate technology innovation to achieve continuous success in business operations through remote work.

CIOs and Infrastructure leaders need to reconsider technological shifts and bring in new ideas and technologies to support employee productivity and define the “Future of Work”.

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    Resiliency comes from experience...A little harder to measure, but just as important from a retention perspective, we're now in a position that the next time this comes around that there will be other companies that maybe didn't put as much effort into that, maybe didn't build that same resiliency.

    Mike Pfister

    Senior Managing Director, Chief Technology Officer, SGX

    Remote work contributes to growth

    Through 2024, organisations will be forced to accelerate digital business transformation plans to adapt to a post-COVID-19 world that involves permanently higher adoption of remote work and digital touchpoints. IT leaders need to focus on investments that support remote work, which translates into business growth.

    The future of work involves market and demographic shifts, emerging technologies, and new employment models.

    Insights you can use

    The long-term investment in IT will expand across on-site and remote work to enable consistent employee productivity and customer experience. These new ways of working drive the move toward cloud-based solutions, common corporate-grade networks, and persistent security. Gartner can help IT leaders rethink IT operating models to prepare for the long-term changes resulting from the pandemic.

    Predicts 2021: Infrastructure Operations and Cloud Management

    Cloud-native applications introduce visibility gaps, creating monitoring and management challenges. Gartner helps I&O leaders who are not equipped to leverage ML and AI technologies to understand relationships and performance of distributed systems.

    Improve Remote Work Effectiveness by Rising to These Top 10 Meeting Challenges

    Gartner’s survey of more than 7,000 digital workers identified 10 key challenges in relation to modern digital meetings. Executive leaders responsible for remote work strategies must prioritise improving meeting practices, technologies and culture for their organisations to thrive.

    Panel Discussion - Remote Work Now and Beyond

    The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to reassess their approach to remote work, be it expanding their established capabilities or just starting a programme out of necessity. This complimentary video discussion webinar brings together a cross-functional panel of Gartner experts to address the remote work challenges.

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    Our data shows, that pre-pandemic there were 30% of the employees working remotely and now it has grown to 50%... Organisations need to think about how to improve employee engagement and drive performance.

    Adriana Duque Hughes

    Senior Director, Gartner for Human Resources

    Podcast: Are You Prepared for the Future of Work?

    Workforce planning, employee performance and employee experience have all taken on a new meaning post COVID-19.

    In this episode of Thinkcast, Heather Levy, Vice President of Content Marketing at Gartner has a conversation with Adriana Duque Hughes, Senior Director for Gartner’s HR practice to talk about the changes HR executives and employees are facing and how that trickles down to expectations. This interview dives into the concept of future of work and some specific trends in this uncertain time.

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