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The Future of Compliance 2030

Compliance leaders struggle to keep pace with the evolving business environment and stakeholder expectations. Uncover this action plan to achieve the top 10 shifts by 2030.

2023 TPRM Benchmarking Report

As third-party networks continue to expand, the risk associated with them has also grown. Explore Gartner’s TPRM survey results to identify and mitigate third-party risk.

Strategic Planning Guide for Legal Leaders

In a volatile world, strategy and its execution can quickly go off course. Download the Strategic Planning Essential guide to avoid 7 costly planning mistakes and leverage this one-page template to communicate your plan.

5 Things the Best General Counsel Do Differently

GC's role has become more crucial with increasing uncertainty. Discover five shifts in behavior that equip the best GC to impact strategic decision-making and influence the CEO. 

Strategic Planning for Compliance Leaders

Effective compliance strategic planning connects your enterprise strategy to specific initiatives for your function. Build an effective compliance strategy with this guide.

Client Success Stories

See how Gartner helped other companies achieve their legal and compliance goals.

Transforming Legal and Compliance to Support Double-Digit Growth

Following a massive acquisition, this GC needed to quickly expand legal’s capability to support the company’s rapid growth and evolving business strategies. With support from Gartner, the client was able to objectively measure legal’s impact, secure buy-in to expand its capabilities to support decision-making and help the company sustain double-digit growth.

Optimising Costs by Improving Outside Counsel Management

This organisation’s CEO set firm-wide cost-cutting targets for all departments to drive profitability after a tough financial year. The VP of Legal turned to Gartner for support in developing a cost-cutting strategy without compromising quality of work. Gartner insights, tools and advisory support helped the VP rightsize work for their department and reduce costs by more than 20%.

Deploying Smart Technology to Optimise Legal Operations

The CLO of a large, sophisticated legal department needed a new solution for its poorly used document and matter management systems to deliver real business impact. Using Gartner BuySmart™, our client validated a new tool and achieved 20% savings off the vendor’s original proposal, plus an estimated $5 million in annual cost savings by freeing in-house counsel time to insource work from law firms.

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