Independence. Objectivity. Accuracy.

Welcome! We are here to answer questions or resolve issues related to Gartner analysts and our research as it pertains to Gartner’s Standards of Ethical Conduct. Visit the site often for the latest blog posts and resource documents as well as our list of contact information.

Mission and Responsibilities

Our mission is to openly and assertively address issues of analytical independence, accuracy and integrity through compliance with Gartner’s Principles of Independence and Objectivity. Vendors with issues should follow the Vendor Research Escalation Process and all others should contact us directly at or

Our responsibilities include:

  • Building on our market-leading position for integrity, editorial independence and objectivity by being responsive to end-user and vendor client and non-client issues as well as internal compliance issues.
  • Evaluating research content for balance and objectivity as well as adherence to methodologies and guidelines.
  • Actively soliciting commentary about Gartner objectivity directly from clients, non-clients and internal associates, documenting our responses, and recommending process and policy improvements where applicable.
  • Delivering greater visibility into Gartner’s research processes and methodologies resulting in increased understanding and confidence.