IT Talent Drives Digitalisation

Bridge the digital skills gap with the right IT talent strategy

Digitalisation brings new talent needs

As the world emerges out of the pandemic pause, the needs and expectations of the business changes, too. There will be new business objectives across the enterprise after the crisis that will require IT to adapt to new technology roles and develop new skills.

This special report provides you the knowledge and actionable steps you can take to elevate your skills and prepare yourself for the "new normal".

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Elevate skills to help your organisation adapt and evolve with changing times.

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    Skills: recruit for technical versatility, seek staff with the ability to adapt and work in more versatile technology roles. Competencies: Focus on collaboration and engagement, prepare staff to flex models of working and collaborate directly with business partners. Career paths: Create experience-based careers, offer new pathways that give staff experience for growth. Team structure: Build fusion teams, mix delivery teams with IT and staff from other functions to embrace agile scale. Mindset: Foster a climate of openness, promote appropriate risk-taking and adaptability to digital business models. Inclusion: Invest in diversity, strengthen retention and development for women and other under-represented groups.

    Build a digital-ready workforce

    CIOs and IT leaders can no longer take a slow, reactive response in building digital capabilities. CIOs must rethink how they approach the workforce transformation through a holistic, integrated strategy. A strategic workforce plan is critical to building a continuous pipeline of high-calibre talent.  

    The secret to digital is analog. By analog we mean people: People who are collaborative, agile, analytical, innovative and who have the ability and desire to exploit emerging technologies for better business outcomes.

    Tina Nunno

    Distinguished VP Analyst and Gartner Fellow, Gartner

    Insights you can use

    With the right digital talent management practices, CIOs can build a high-impact digital workforce that will enhance digital business performance and the customer experience.

    Reconfigure and build resilience in your workforce model

    As businesses stabilise, recover and renew for growth, Gartner can help IT leaders seize the opportunity to reshape the future of work and reconfigure their workforce model to improve resilience and achieve optimal performance.

    Prepare now for the workforce of the future

    Implementing a new workplace model as a long-term strategy presents challenges. This webinar looks at how IT leaders can fast-track changes to workplace policies, adjust to new work patterns, and assess the design and purpose of corporate offices. We also examine the cultural, communication and interpersonal impacts you must consider.

    Overcome the top 12 digital workplace challenges 

    Even as more organisations establish and prioritise digital workplace strategies, the programmes commonly fail. Gartner identified patterns that contribute to underperforming digital workplaces around the globe. This webinar looks at the top 12 digital workplace challenges and how to overcome them.

    Experience Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation conferences

    Join your peers for the unveiling of the latest insights at Gartner conferences.

    One common misconception is that going digital is about implementing a set of technologies that get you to a digital outcome. And that actually isn’t the case. Granted, technology is an enabler to a set of outcomes, but unless you really think through how you rewrite your company versus rewrite your software, you’re going to miss the desired end state.

    Paul Chapman

    CIO, Box

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