Support Workforce Diversity

Build a diverse and inclusive organisation

Despite sound diversity and inclusion strategies, execution challenges persist

Sixty-nine per cent of organisations cite workforce diversity and inclusion (D&I) as a strategic priority, but HR still struggles to hold the business accountable for D&I outcomes. Many well-intentioned D&I approaches are programmatic, person-dependent or based on a point-in-time experience or event. Plus, most organisations find that set D&I metrics go unwatched or are de-prioritised in favour of other business goals.

Develop More Inclusive Leaders

Download this research to navigate your way to driving a more sustainable culture of inclusive leadership that helps build a diverse workforce.

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    We have pockets of success; some of our leaders really get it. But we are still figuring out accountability, and I am wondering how to reach the group we have missed so far."
    Vice president, diversity and inclusion, insurance organisation

    Embed workforce diversity & inclusion strategies across the function

    To find real progress in diversity and inclusion initiatives, organisations must define a strategy that drives not only real change, but also an accompanying implementation plan that is aligned with the organisation's priorities and embedded in existing business decision points.  HR leaders can do this by creating small interventions to ensure the fundamental systems that underlie processes, culture, training, recruitment, measurement and more are designed to maximise D&I outcomes. 

    Achieve business goals with an embedded approach to Diversity and Inclusion.

    Workplace diversity insights you can use

    Gartner research is designed to help HR build a sustainable workforce diversity and inclusion approach that is embedded in organisational processes.

    Leverage technology and data to develop inclusive leadership

    To build more inclusive leaders, HR can use technology to inclusively identify future leaders, build inclusive behaviours and measure leaders' uptake of these behaviours. This article details how HR can increase inclusive leadership through these three stages of development.

    Mitigate bias in succession planning

    To effectively mitigate unconscious bias, Human Resources leaders should introduce tactical interventions or "nudges" into their existing succession management processes to increase visibility of diverse talent and enable objective decision making. Learn how to create a more diversified workforce and pipeline. 

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