Make Smarter Sales Technologies Investments

Our client, recently acquired by a well-known global food services company, was facing high expectations to drive organization-wide digital transformation from corporate leadership. With days left to finalise his new fiscal year budget, the VP of sales and marketing received an unexpectedly high proposal for new CRM sales technology. With Gartner support, our client was able to save more than $500K on their technology investment in the very early stages of our collaboration.

Mission-critical priority

In the middle of finalising his budget, the VP of sales and marketing had received a critical CRM contract proposal that was hundreds of thousands of dollars over budget. He had not negotiated this type of contract previously, and needed to have a reliable benchmark for the contract’s T&Cs, SLAs and price.

How Gartner helped

In just one call, a Gartner expert was able to help the client align the contract to actual business needs, find efficiencies, eliminate unnecessary spending on support and maintenance, and reduce the risk involved. This resulted in the VP of sales and marketing looking “like a hero” to his VP of finance. Additionally, with Gartner’s ongoing expert support, the client was able to invest in new sales technologies to help drive growth.

Mission accomplished

With Gartner for Sales Leadersthe client was able to:

  • Navigate a challenging contract negotiation process.
  • Meet contract and budget deadlines in a condensed time frame.
  • Develop a smart negotiating strategy that produced significant long-term savings.

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