Making the Right Legal Technology Investments

The legal department of a private retailer wanted to streamline activities and measure the efficiency of the function’s operations to demonstrate value to a newly constituted board. With Gartner’s support, the client was able to clearly define a technology strategy and confidently invest in a legal technology solution that most suited their business requirements.

Mission-critical priority

The associate general counsel (AGC) needed to select the best-fit matter management vendor that would help them effectively manage work and measure functional efficiency to demonstrate legal’s value and report success to the board.

How Gartner helped

Gartner provided comprehensive support via insights, tools and multiple rounds of expert one-on-ones to help the client clearly define its technology requirements and establish a broader technology strategy. Leveraging our unparalleled expertise in technology vendor selection, the AGC was able to confidently select the solution most aligned to their needs, setting them up for success.

Mission accomplished

With Gartner for Legal & Compliance Leaders’ support, the client: 

  • Gained a clear understanding of the steps needed to assess and select a legal matter management vendor.
  • Created, assessed and narrowed down a vendor list to select the best vendor.
  • Set themselves up for success and strong ROI by thoroughly evaluating vendors according to their specific needs and goals.



Approx. $2.7 Billion


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